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308 Eliot St.

308 Eliot St.

Status:Under construction

What's happening?

Though not a major development, this historical home located in Boston Edison is proposed for rehabilitation by Toft Company LLC. In 2021, Detroit City Planning Commission staff recommended approval for the location to receive a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone certificate, granting a 15-year abatement with rehab costs totaling $385,000 for two units. A building permit was issued in November 2020 and renovations are in process.

Source: City of Detroit - City Planning Commission

What are the property details?

Parcel ID:01000831.
Taxpayer address:4270 ALLEGHENY STERLING HEIGHTS MI 48201
Dimensions:45 ft by 140 ft

Where is it?

What does it look like?

A cool cat.

Current site. Credit: City of Detroit Property Listing

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