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Brush Watson

2994 Brush St.

Status:Under construction

What's happening?

American Community Developers is developing a 332-unit development on formerly city-owned land bounded by Brush, Watson, Beaubien and Wilkins Streets. About 160 of the units across the three 10-story, five-story and four-story buildings will be designated as affordable. The project will also include 8,000 square feet of commercial space along Brush and underground parking. ACD was awarded a $1.5 million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit in October 2020. In early 2022, construction was underway.

Sources: Oombra Architects, City of Detroit, State of Michigan

What are the property details?

Parcel ID:01003824.
Taxpayer:BRUSH WILKINS 2016, LLC
Taxpayer address:20250 HARPER AVE DETROIT MI 48225
Dimensions:90 ft by 90 ft

Where is it?

What does it look like?

A cool cat.
A cool cat.

Brush Watson development rendering. Credit: Oombra Architects

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