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New Center Intermodal Facility

11 W. Baltimore Ave.


What's happening?

The Michigan Department of Transportation has had plans to expand and modernize Detroit's Amtrak station in New Center for more than a decade. A new intermodal facility would bring together rail, motor coach bus, bike-share and ride-hailing services (and possibly exhibits and a restaurant). MDOT received a $10 million federal grant for the project in 2021. The remainder of the anticipated $57 million cost will need to be allocated by the state. MDOT aims to issue a request for proposals in 2023 and open the facility in 2025.

Sources: Model D, Detroit Free Press

What are the property details?

Parcel ID:02001751.
Taxpayer address:425 W OTTAWA ST PO BOX 30050 LANSING MI 48933-1532
Dimensions:410 ft by 333 ft

Where is it?

What does it look like?

A cool cat.

Rendering of potential intermodal facility and parking structure. Credit: MDOT

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