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Park Avenue Building

2001 Park Ave.

Status:Under construction

What's happening?

The Park Avenue building, designed by Albert Kahn and vacant since the late 1990s, is being redeveloped by Rino Soave after being sold by the estate of the late Ralph Sachs. The building faced a demolition order in 2015. The renovated building will contain 78 apartments and 5,500 square feet of commercial space.

Sources: DBusiness, Metro Times, City of Detroit

What are the property details?

Parcel ID:02000382.
Taxpayer address:42400 GRAND RIVER AVE, STE 112 NOVI MI 48375
Dimensions:80 ft by 100 ft

Where is it?

What does it look like?

A cool cat.

Park Avenue building pre-renovation. Credit: Mx. Granger - Own work, CC0

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