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The Shepherd

1265 Parkview St.

HotelDining & EntertainmentPark

What's happening?

The Shepherd, an arts complex being developed by Library Street Collective gallery owners Anthony and JJ Curis, will make its home at the former Good Shepherd Catholic Church. The 16,000-square-foot center was announced in October 2021 and should be completed by spring 2023. The complex will transform the entire block into a gallery space, a Black arts library, a sculpture park featuring the work of artist Charles McGhee, a skate park, a cafe and a bed and breakfast.

Sources: Library Street Collective, Detroit News

What are the property details?

Parcel ID:19006212.
Taxpayer:1265 PARKVIEW LLC
Taxpayer address:18633 MACK AVE. DETROIT MI 48236
Dimensions:298 ft by 216 ft

Where is it?

What does it look like?

A cool cat.
A cool cat.

Rendering of The Shepherd. Credit: Peterson Rich Office

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